Sampson Pilates…

Founded in 1985 by Heather and Martin Sampson, Sampson Pilates offers the highest quality in specialist training and rehabilitation.

Previously an award winning classical ballet and modern jazz and tap dancer, Heather trained in the Pilates method with Gordon Thomson at the Urdang Academy - Together with her husband Martin, a former professional acrobat, they combined their knowledge of Pilates, acrobatics, gymnastics and ballet, opening one of the first Pilates studios in London.

Sampson Pilates has since developed a tradition of expertise in the field of rehabilitation and provides teacher training courses that attract students from all over the world. Our teaching and learning tradition, combined with continuous research and critical openness to new developments, has given the studio a considerable reputation.

Some use our facilities to rehabilitate from injuries and others join in order to become fit, develop new skills and maintain their overall well-being.

Presently, the Teacher Training Course continues to expand, with most trainees coming from dance or physiotherapy backgrounds. Sampson Pilates has gained a reputation for training a global network of the world’s finest instructors.


Blanca Torras Roda - Instructor & Dancer