Heather Marie Sampson - Studio Director, Pilates Cert

Heather attended the Bush Davies Ballet School, (ISTD RAD honours. OWSI.EFR) and pursued an internationally successful career on the stage. She trained in the Pilates method with Gordon Thomson and at the Urdang Academy in London and later was employed as a Principal Instructor at the Pineapple Studios, London. Heather has been teaching Pilates since 1984 when she opened her first professional studio. She specialises in fitness programmes of all levels and teacher training.

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Martin Sampson

Rehabilitation Instructor. Director Pilates Cert. Martin was raised in Circus Williams of Germany and trained as a professional acrobat specialising in the Triple High Bar. His career ended when he suffered a serious back injury and through this experience he discovered Pilates.
Martin studied the Pilates method and has been teaching Pilates since his recovery. He also designs professional Pilates equipment for his and other studios and specialises in the research and development of Pilates training and equipment for rehabilitation and injury prevention.