We offer classes and advice on the following:

Improvement of Postural Misalignment including Kyhosis, Lordosis, Scoliosis and Flat-Back.

Cervical Whiplash and Neck Rehabilitation

Upper and Lower Back Conditions/pain. Herniated (slipped) Disc Management Pelvic Girdle Rehabilitation

Hip, Knee, Ankle Joint rehabilitation

Shoulder girdle

Tennis elbow

Golfers elbow rehabilitation



One of the most magical times of your life. Remaining active is equally important for your and your baby’s health and well-being

All ante/post-natal sessions are taught on an individual basis and include one-to-one equipment work and small group mat work when appropriate.

“I found Pilates fantastically beneficial during my pregnancy. It kept me flexible and toned and helped to avoid the problems caused by bad posture. My Pilates training was a great way to get my body back in shape after the birth…”

Nicky Buonaguidi

‘From my experience as a midwife, I have seen the benefits Pilates brings to clients – not only during pregnancy but also afterwards. Apart from the fact that it keeps you in shape, it can help prevent and overcome physical hurdles that can pop up during any pregnancy and aid recovery after. Heather and the team have a combined experience which is second to none and I highly recommend them to all my clients.'

Sofie Jacobs

Pregnancy and Birth Consultant


Happiness is primarily dependant upon good health.

We have 24 years of professional experience in rehabilitation and injury prevention.

With our outstanding training facilities we can help you develop a more balanced posture and an efficient muscular-skeletal support.

All studio rehabilitation sessions are taught on a one-to-one basis.

Clients needing rehabilitation are required to go through a physical assessment and to produce a doctor’s clearance in order to participate in a Pilates course.

“The exercises worked both physically and psychological during my pregnancy and afterwards… I had a caesarian section and my recovery was much quicker because of Pilates.”

                                              Yumi Yamamoto